After years of hard and persistent work as a newcomer THE PROPHECY 23 signed their first worldwide record deal with MASSACRE RECORDS and released the debut album “TO THE PIT” in 2010. Because of the overwhelming feedback on the record THE PROPHECY 23 was announced to play at WACKEN OPEN AIR and other mega events and shows in Germany and abroad. The 2nd album "GREEN MACHINE LASER BEAM" was released in 2012. This unique piece of metal music was accompanied by a great international media response and even made it on position 18 of the german EMP-Album-Charts. "UNTRUE LIKE A BOSS" (2014) manifests the attitude and lifestyle of the band at it's best. The 3rd album reached position 18 on AMAZON metal charts and position 13 on german METAL HAMMER charts. The way up continued and sets the band on a new professional level. Their first headliner tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland was a great success. Because of their energetic songs and stage shows their fan base gets constantly bigger and bigger - especially in South America, USA and Europe.

even temper


Alternative Punk (Heilbronn)

even temper is an Alternative Punk band from southern Germany. The band’s members are Salvo Galiano (lead vocals and bass guitar), Tim Petrasch (guitar and vocals) and Maximilian Kolb (Drums). They formed in July 2016 and played their first show after two weeks at a school festival in the same town they had their first rehearsal room. Starting with former member Lukas Müller (Drums) they soon decided to go separate ways. After the first rehearsal with Maximilian playing the drums and Salvo on the bass guitar it was clear that the band had to stay a trio. In October the band recorded their debut single Perspective at the Audiodrive Studio in Sinsheim with producer and CEO Tim Eiermann, band member of the well-known band Liquido. Early December even temper recorded the music video for Perspective with the band’s good and long known friend Ylva Sommer. The music video for Perspective was released on March 10th 2017. Meanwhile the band got invited by the german radio station Regenbogen 2, where they had an interview that was later played on the radio. Also a local magazine featured the band in it’s February issue. The word began to spread and even temper played many shows around southern Germany. They began producing their debut album in March 2017.


The Past Alive


Metal (Heilbronn)

TPA are back! Nach 6 Jahren Pause melden sich THE PAST ALIVE (Metal) aus Heilbronn mit Vollgas zurück. Neben den Gründungsmitgliedern Suat (Drums), Michael (Guitar) und Jürgen (Bass) gehören seit 2017 auch Chris (Guitar; ex. Debauchery) und Nico (Vocals) zur festen Besetzung. Gegründet 2000, haben TPA Einiges aufzuweisen: Drei Studioveröffentlichungen („Deepest Inner“ – 2001; „What You Need“ – 2005 und „Sweet Dreams“ – 2010), sowie zahlreiche Gigs u.a. mit Death Angel, Axxis, Mercenary, Virgin Steele u.v.a. sowie Festivals wie dem METAL CAMP in Slowenien (u.a. Amon Amarth, Kreator, Edguy). 2018 arbeiten TPA bereits an neuen Songs. Musikalisch bleiben Sie dabei Ihrem Stil treu: METAL ! „Wir wollen uns nicht in irgendwelche Schubladen stecken lassen, sondern machen das, worauf wir Bock haben!“ Dabei lassen sich klassische aber auch moderne Heavy Metal Einflüsse natürlich nicht verleugnen, doch auch Einflüsse aus dem Thrash, Progressive oder Death Metal Bereich finden sich wieder. Ebenso wie Ausflüge in den Hard n`Heavy Bereich.

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